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Course objectives

The objective of this course is to increase the radiation safety within companies operating industrial radiation systems by demystifying the principles of radiation, by making workers and employees aware of the risks involved with working in a radiation facility and by teaching methods to reduce exposure to radiation.

This training is meant to be one module in the safety training plan of workers or a yearly refresher training.

Target audience

The target audience of this course are operators, maintenance people or subcontractors involved with e-beam, gamma and X-ray industrial systems.

Such radiation sources are typically :

  • Gamma panoramic irradiators using Co-60 sources
  • 500 keV to 3 MeV e-beam systems for crosslinking polymers
  • 5 MeV X-ray generators for food irradiation
  • 7,5 MeV X-ray systems for sterilization of medical devices
  • 10 MeV e-beam systems for sterilization of disposable medical devices

Course agenda

Chapter 1: Radiation Basics

  • What is radiation?
  • Ionising vs non-ionizing radiation

Chapter 2: Impact of Radiation on Health

  • Radiation dose units
  • Radiation dose limits
  • Impact of dose on human cells
  • Radiation exposure types

Chapter 3: Review of industrial radiation sources

  • E-beam accelerator
  • X-ray generator
  • Gamma irradiator

Chapter 4: Radiation protection

  • Where is radiation in an industrial facility?
  • Industrial radiation safety systems and signage
  • Personnal dosimeters
  • Exposure reduction

Final test

  • Homework
  • Final quiz
  • Certificate of successfull attendance


About 1 hour



This e-learning course is designed to meet international requirements in terms of radiation protection.

The course content is customized to highlight specificities of e-beam, gamma and X-ray systems used for sterilization of medical devices, crosslinking of polymers or food irradiation.

A certification of attendance is delivered at the end of the course after successful completion of the quiz.

This course is subject to our terms & conditions