Electron beam radiation safety and radiation protection on-line training

CertiRAD develops e-learning modules for people involved with electron beam, gamma and X-ray technologies. Target markets include industrial sterilization of medical devices, crosslinking of cables and food irradiation.

Radiation Protection

Online courses reviewing radiation protection principles for operators and other other workers involved with e-beam, gamma and X-ray industrial systems.

E-beam and X-ray systems

A review of different accelerator systems and irradiation principles for industries such as crosslinking of plastics, sterilization of medical devices and food irradiation.


Introduction and advanced trainings on Dosimetry targeted for employees who need to have a good understanding or for QA professionals daily working with dose mappings.

Flexible, efficient and affordable

Online training

Web based learning modules with many illustrations to help understand complex matters.


The training ends with a test. After successfully answering to the final test, the attendee will receive a certificate which can be added to the workers training plan.


Handouts of the training will be given to the course attendee.

Customized for industrial radiation applications


e-beam, X-ray and gamma radiation are commonly used for industrial sterilization of medical devices.


Crosslinking of polymers is e-beam’s most popular application.

Food irradiation

Irradiation of food is becoming increasingly popular as a phytosanitary treatment.