Training list

Courses available and under development are designed for industrial users involved with electron beam, X-ray or gamma systems. This course catalogue includes training related to Radiation Protection, dosimetry and general technology course.

Radiation Protection courses

These courses are designed to answer the EU, US and other international organizations requirements in terms of workers radiation protection

120 €
Radiation protection online training

Radiation Protection

The objectives of this e-learning module are to make the worker aware of danger linked to radiation, provide methods for limiting exposure to radiation and address concerns about working with e-beam, X-ray and gamma systems.

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Dosimetry courses

These courses are built to give overview or detailed knowledge on Radiation dosimetry principles.

radiation dosimetry online training

Introduction to Dosimetry

This course will review the basics of dosimetry for people who need to have a good dosimetry overview for sterilization of medical devices and food irradiation.

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Radiation systems courses

These courses review equipment and system designed to generate e-beam, X-ray or gamma radiation.

e-beam sterilization online training

E-beam and X-ray sterilization

This online session will review e-beam and X-ray technologies used for sterilization of medical devices.

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e-beam crosslinking training

E-beam crosslinking

This e-learning module is targeted at people who need to have a good understanding of e-beam crosslinking principles and accelerators used for such application

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